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This great winged horse, know as a symbol of wisdom, is one of the greatest creatures know in Greek mythology today. While Pegasus was magnificent creature, his birth wasn't. Pegasus's story involves one of lust, punishment, and death.

Medusa (the daughter of Phorcys, a sea god, and Ceto, a sea goddess) caught the eye of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. While in the Temple of Athena, Poseidon raped the priestess causing Athena to become enraged and turn the beautiful women in to hideous monster with snakes covering her head and a look that would turn people to stone. Medusa lived the rest of her life with her sisters, the Gorgons.

Later on Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae, would cut off Medusa's head using winged sandals a magical helmet, a special sickle, and a polished shield. Now the next part has two stories. The first says that after taking medusa's head Pegasus flew from Medusa's neck along with his brother Chrysaor, who is said to be a giant or a winged boar but often show as a young man. The second states that as Perseus flew home to deliver the head of Medusa to Polydectes, the blood from her head landed in the ocean and Pegasus rose out of the water.
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Pegasus later aided the hero Bellerophon in his fight against the Amazons, a nation of all female warriors, and the Chimera, a monstrous, fire-breathing female creatur composed of multiple animal: the body of a lioness, a tail with a snakes head, and the head of a goat on the center of her spine.

Afterward Pegasus and Bellerophon traveled to Olympus because Bellerophon believed he deserved to be a God. Zeus, however, casued Bellerophon to fall of Pegasus with a gadfly. Pegasus continued to Olympus and became the carrier of Zeus's thunderbolts. As a reward for Pegasus's faithfulness, Zeus transformed him into a constellation.
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  • Pegasus has been the symbol of the Mobil brand of gas and Oil
  • Pegasus is the mascot of TriStar Pictures and the Kentucky Derby Festival
  • Pegasus was used as the Pontiac Giero's Emblem
  • Pegasus is the name of a medeva helicopter that transports critically injured patients within 140mi of Charlottesville, Virginia.
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