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The Minotaur was created when King Minos asked Neptune for a white bull to show that the gods approved of his reign. He said he was going to sacrifice the bull as an offering to the gods but was greedy and kept the bull for himself. This angered Neptune so he made King Minos' wife fall in love with the bull. A famous wooden architect made a wooden cow Which led to Minos' wife conceiving and having the monster Minotaur.Their child had the body of man and the head and tail of a bull.The monster was captured and then placed inside a wooden labyrinth made by Daedalus. Seven courageous children and the seven most beautiful girls from Athens were placed in the labyrinth once a year for nine years and sacrificed to the monster, Minotaur.


The myth of how the Minotaur died starts out with Theseus wanting to put an end the the Athenian children. He decided to take the place as one of the boys and travel to Crete. When he arrived there King Minos daughter, Ariadne, fell in love with him. She told him that she could help him but only if he promised to marry her if he made it out alive. He agreed and she gave him a roll of yarn. The yarn was used to tie to the doorpost of the labyrinth so Theseus could retrace his steps after he killed the Minotaur. Once inside Theseus found the Minotaur sleeping and beat him to death. Once this was over with he led the other children out of the labyrinth.

Modern DayThe minotaur is seen in modern day movies most famous the Chronicles of Narnia.

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