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What are Manes?
Manes are roman spirits that rise from the dead. They live below the earth in Hades and they only rise 3 times a year.
Originally the Romans believed that manes were god like spirits so this is why the Romans would give them the name di manes to associate them with gods. Over time they took the di off of the word and just associated them just as spirits. Romans soon started believing that you died and went to Hades you would become a spirit. The first author to [[#|incorporate]] them as individuals was Cicero (106-43 BC).

There once was a house in Athens who had a bad reputation. It was said that the silence of the night would be broken by the sounds of chains and weapons in the distant that would get closer and closer each time. The Spirit of an old man would then appear in the field with chains on his hands and feet. Residents couldn’t fall asleep at night to well if at all, the fear was so great that some of the residents even died because if it and soon the house was empty.
One day a man named Athenodorous came along and even though he heard the stories of the house he still bought it. The very first night in the house he went on to his porch­­­ with some paper and wrote. He believed that with a stable mind the spirit wouldn’t scare him. Soon he heard the chains and weapons far off in the distance and they were getting closer and closer with each passing moment. when the spirit appeared he went out into the fields after it. When it disappeared he put a clump of grass on it so he would remember in th morning.
The next day Athenodorous went to [[#|find a]] magistrate and bring him back to the house. When he returned with the magistrate they dug where the clump was and when the reached the bottom they found a man who had chains on his arms and legs who fought in a war on that field. They gave him a proper burial and they noises never came back again
Modern Day
In modern times the most common times that we hear of ghosts is either in a story or in a movie. Spirits have also given us other forms of entertainment such as [[#|television]] series. Some movies are also influenced by spirits.
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