The Hydra

Origins of the Beast:

The Mythological beast the Hydra was the offspring of Typhon and Echidna. Typhon was a hundred-headed beast and Echidna was a serpent woman. Together they were called the father and mother of all monsters. The Hydra's lair was the swamps of Lake Lerna where it guarded the entrance to the underworld.

Appearance of the Hydra:

The Hydra was a monster that looked like serpent or dragon that has 9 heads (or 7 depending upon the source) that had poisonous blood and breath. If someone chops off one of its heads then two more grow back in its place. Also the Hydra's middle head is immortal.



Story in Mythology:

The story of the Hydra's demise is told in the story of Hercules in Greek mythology. Hercules was the son of Zues and a mortal woman Alcmena. Because Hera queen of the gods was jealous and angry that Zues had a son with someone else she decided to mess with Hercules' life by causing him to kill his wife and preform a list of tasks to be pardoned from killing his children. Killing the Hydra was the second one of these labors. He went the river where the beast roams and fought the beast. As he cut off the heads of the beast Hercules realized that the simply doing this would never kill the monster. Hercules called upon Iolaus to help him, and together they defeated the Hydra. Hercules cut the head off while Iolaus seared the stumps before the heads could grow back. Finally he rips off the center head and buries it beneath a rock. After killing the monster he dips his arrows in the poisonous blood to make them deadly.

The Affects on Today's Culture:

Many movies have been created to reenact the story of Hercules. This includes the Disney animated movie Hercules. The movie changed the details of the story in order to make it slightly less gruesome in order to account for a young audience.


The Hydra as monster in mythology the Hydra took its own place in the stars.

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