One-hundred handed creatures with over fifty faces and were as tall as the sky and had stunning strength.

History Greek history only displays three of the one-hundred handed creatures and had over fifty heads. Born from Gaia and Uranus and were named Briareus, Cottus, and Gyges once born they were imprisoned in Tartarus and were guarded by Kampe until later set free by Zeus and together helped defeat the powerful Titans. They were soon aked to guard the Titans in Tartarus. They are the elder brothers of the Cyclops who were born by Gaia and are able to control sea storms and earthquakes. Cottus and Gyges later were faded away in time, but Briareus is the only remaining creature he is now the bodyguard for Zeus and is often seen in his own stories.

Pop Culture

The Hekatonkheires are considered to be infamous are seen to a minimal. The most popular of the three would be Briareus who can be seen in books such as Battle of Labyrinth and poems like Inferno by Divine Comedy.
Overall the Hekatonkheires are not depicted as individual but as a broad overall creature without unique characters. Games such as Final Fantasy XIII and Ace Combat 6 have depicted the creatures as multiple limbed creatures that are sought to be killed.

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