Also known as the hundred-handed ones, Hekatonkheires were monsters who were the forces behind storms. They also were said to have fifty heads. The Hekatonkheires helped Zeus to overthrow the Titans. Before that they helped the Titans to overthrow Uranus. Zeus put all of the Hekatonkheires in charge of guarding the gates of Tartarus where the titans were being held. The hundred-handed ones were the offspring of Gaea and Uranus.

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Briareus is a Hekatonkheires who was called upon by Thetis to save Zeus from being overthrown by the gods. This occurrence is later referenced in the Iliad written by Homer. He was believed to be a sea dwelling monster who lived in what is now called the Aegean Sea.

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The other two hundred-handed ones were named Gyges and Kottos. Together with Briareus, they watched over the gates of Tartarus. The gods put them in charge of releasing storms from Tartarus when needed.

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