The Griffin: "Head and Wings of an Eagle, Body like a Lion"

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  What Is The Griffin? The griffin is a mythological creature found in Greek and Roman mythology. It is depicted with the head and wings of a an eagle and the body of a lion. More often than not you will find that the female griffin has wings and the male has spikes on his back. This is so you are able to distinguish between femininity and masculinity. external image 180px-Bevan_Crest.jpg A male griffin depicted with spikes on his back
Symbolism Associated With the Griffin:When people think about the Griffin they think about how powerful of a creature it is. It is said that the lion is the king of the beasts and th eagle was the king of the birds. Therefore, the griffin was thought as a very majestic and sometimes even thought of as the "king" of creatures. The griffin is also thought to represent boldness and courage because an eagle is typically seen as a bold bird. The lion seen on a griffin represents courage because of the characteristics depicted with a lion.
Stories That Go Along With the Griffin:It is said that the Griffin makes a nest like an eagle but does not lay eggs in it but will lay agates. One of the myths that goes along with the griffin is that they hate the animal the horse. But there is a name of the offspring of the horse and the griffin and that is, Hippogriffs.
One of the jobs that the Griffin is supposed to perform is to watch over secret treasures. It is said that the griffin is always is always at constant battle or war with a race known as the Arimaspians. This is because the Arimpaspians are constantly trying to steal the griffin's gold which is a secret treasure that they are supposed to look over and protect. 

external image hippogriff.jpgThis is a picture of a Hippogriff (mix of a griffin and horse)

Modern References:
You often find modern references of the griffin in such things as logos for different businesses or a griffin is often depicted on various statues all over the world.
. In Egypt you are able to find a depiction of the griffin on many of their statues
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. There is a professional hockey team on the American League that uses the griffin as their mascot and they are called the Grand Rapid Griffins

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. There is a situation of how two schools came together and chose their mascot as the griffin. In Rocky Mount, North Carolina during the segregation era there were two schools and one of the school's mascots was the blackbird and the other school's mascot was the lion. After the two schools merged together they thought it would be a great idea to keep the idea of coming together when they came up with their new mascot. They chose the griffin as their mascot because it was showing the bird and lion coming together.
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