What is a Centaur- The Centaur is a creature that is half man and half horse. It has the body of a horse, but instead of the horse's head, the upper body of a man is attached in place. Centaurs are known for their drunkeness. A very small amount of wine could get them drunk very quickly. They were also known for violence while under the influence. Centaurus was the father of the Centaurs. Cenatuarus mated with Magnesian mares to create the Centaurs. They were said to have lived in Thessaly on Mount Pelion. Other sources say that they inhabited Magnesia. Due to their behavior, the Centaurs were considered hostile towards humans. They were often called in by Zeus to punish humans or God's who he did not care for. Wine is what drove these beasts insane. They would get drunk, and go on rampages eating human flesh and partaking in every act of violence they could find.
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The Wise Centaur Chiron- Chiron was the eldest and wisest of all Centaurs. Chiron was an excellent teacher and taught several Greek heroes such as Achilles and Aeneas. He was extremely smart and was credited with the invention of medicine. Unfortunately, Heracles accidentally wounded him with a poisoned arrow while he was trying to fight off other Centaurs. This sadly led to Chiron giving up his immortality in order to die. After his passing, he became the constellation of Sagittarius.

Chiron, the wise Centaur, standing with Achilles
Chiron, the wise Centaur, standing with Achilles

Mythological Story- There is a famous story that involves a group of Centaurs attending a wedding. And like always, they drank wine and soon became drunk and violent. While drunk, they became ladies men and tried to take the bride and other younger women away from the party. This did not go over well with the Lapithes, who were known enemies of the Centaurs. This led to the break out of a large and intense battle, which the Centaurs were defeated. This shows a clash between society and barbarism.

The Battle of the Lapithes and the Centaurs
The Battle of the Lapithes and the Centaurs

Centaurs In Modern Use-  Today, Centaurs are used for different purposes. For example, Old Spice uses a Centaur in one of their commercials. They chose to use a Centaur to show power and strength, and also to show that their product features two capabilities combined, just like the Centaur being a man and a horse combined.

Centaurs also played a role in the movie "Chronicles of Narnia"


By: Brandan Busman

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